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Welcome to Bratty Audio, your go-to destination for professional audio engineering services. Whether you’re a musician looking to have your next album mixed and mastered, a podcaster in need of sound editing, or an author producing an audiobook, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

The Story Behind Bratty Audio.

Meet Meg.

Hi! I’m Meg, a sound engineer based in the UK. I adore all things audio, but my passion lies in making audio sound fantastic. This passion led me to graduating with a BA(Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering from dBs Sound and Music. During my degree, I led the Womxn @ dBs Society and founded Scorpio Rising Collective, an independant record label. After producing our first album, I wanted to offer independant audio engineering services and Bratty Audio was born.

I specialise in mixing acoustic singer/songwriters, however I have experience recording and mixing a variety of genres, as well as recording and editing audiobooks and podcasts.

Featured Packages.

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Remote Self Narration

For those who'd prefer to record their audiobook from home.

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Professional Narration

Have one of our talented narrators bring your book to life.

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Music Mixing

Explore our options for music mixing.

What People Say.

"Meg's passion for both audio and quality control remains unmatched by all of the other providers I have worked with. Phenomenal operator, with both the skill to work on technical projects and personable nature to work with laymen."
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Audiobook Publisher
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